Paper Quilling Designs

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Learn paper quilling designs for beginners with a free lesson on video at Great way to embellish your scrapbooks or homemade greeting cards.  Also you can learn quilling as a stand alone art to impress your friends with a unique and intricate quilling designs craft project.

Have fun quilling! 🙂



Scrapbooking Materials: Know What to Buy

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Originally, it was quite hard to find suppliers and retail stores that would sell you scrapbooking materials. But with enthusiasts settling their own local scrapbooking stores and with online vendors that would sell you everything and anything in between, the hard part becomes the choosing.

Many beginners find it confusing to choose the basic materials once they get into the store. This is of course due to the fact that there simply are too many choices. Add to it the excitement of seeing various colors and designs, samples and layouts and concepts and ideas that will overpower your initial choice of materials.

This is a common mistake. However it must be understood that for beginners, there are only several things that you must buy. In fact, you need not buy them all at once. It is best to check several pieces and test the grounds if scrapbooking lifestyle would work for you.

Planning what must be bought and what must be reserved for other days usually work well when shopping for scrapbooking materials. Many times, the beginner’s excitement plus the array of overwhelming choices without enough knowledge on them overshadow a scraper’s best judgement in the selection of materials. And later, this would be dealt with regret.

Even veterans fall into this common mistake. And many of us, at one time or another have found ourselves in situations when we were faced with a good sale. We might not need the stuff for the present or might not use them at all yet the urge to buy is harder than our willingness to subdue the impulse.

To help lessen this possibility, it is best to have a definite plan of what materials to buy. In this article, we will tackle about the major scrapbooking material that will prove useful even to the end of your activity.

The most important scrapbooking material and the one that completes the stuff is the album. For album alone, you may already find hundreds of various designs, formats and sizes that would lead you to deciding which would best fit you. We would not discuss the many types of albums here, we’ll just provide an overview for some of the basic choices.

Conventional albums appear in 8½×11″ or 12″×12″ pages. However, smaller albums have become more popular with the integration of newer scrapbooking formats. Other smaller sizes appear in 6″×6″ to 8″×8″.

Page protectors
The main function that page protectors serve is to help lessen the susceptibility of your photos, memorabilia and the pages, as a whole to damages and tears. And the added value of holding them inn place to avoid stick-on from falling out. There are basically two choices when it comes to protectors; a) clear protectors that let you retain the normal hues of the layout and, b) non-glare protectors that appeal easier to the onlookers.

Many scrappers turn to papers when it comes to adding designs and choosing the background of their layouts. Patterned papers are among the main choices. For background, however, it is best to use papers with subtle colors so as to help focus the eye’s attention on the photos rather than on the background.

A staple in the scrapbooking world, cardstocks are more like cardboards than papers. These are effective in securing the foundations when placing memorabilia, embellishments and photos.

Well these materials simply hold everything together. These are widely available but be careful in choosing one though. Always look for acid-free adhesives and make sure that they are photo-safe. If they are not, they are most likely to cause oxidation of the pictures, the condition when the colors of the paper, photos and other similar stuffs fade.

Paper cutter
This material normally completes scrapbooking as they tend to add the finishing touches. Many scrappers find it hard to keep away from overdecoration., this normally is the case when using paper cutters and especially true with cutting pictures. Tip: It is always nice to keep the edges of photos straight. Reserve the use of paper cutters with papers alone.


A definite must-have. Scissors greatly help in manipulating further the designs and additions into the scrapbook. They help transform objects such as fibers, ribbons and fabrics into manageable size that will coordinate with the design you have.

Precision, that the rule. Obviously, this material will save time when it comes to drawing clean, straight lines.

Scrapbooking Embellishments

There are many other scrapbooking materials that you will find useful. Among them are the following: vellum, exacto knife, self-healing cutting mat, white plastic eraser, glue eraser, lettering and fonts, black pens, colored pens or pencils, grease pencil, photo corners and tote.

Want To Learn Something Fun For Your Scrapooks? New Embellishment Idea!

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Unique Scrapbooking Embellishment Idea

Want to Learn More About Art of Paper Quilling?

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Here’s a new article I just wrote about paper quilling so you can understand a bit more about quilling and this paper art that is used for scrapbooking embellishments, card making decorations, or just as a fun new craft project.

Cute Quilling Pattern: Little Girl Ballerina Dress

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I just love this cute little dress made from quilling.   It’s a simple quilling pattern to create and is a beautiful quilled design for a little girl’s scrapbook.  Or even a little ballerina birthday card.  You can use all kinds of colors or make it all the same color with your quilling paper strips!

Have fun quilling!

Quilling: How Difficult Is It for Beginners To Learn How to Do?

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Quilling Video shares Quilled Patterns and Discusses “How Difficult Is Quilling For Beginners to Learn?”

Quilling for Scrapbooking

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Quilling is a paper art in which you learn to twist beautiful pieces of paper into complex designs. It takes a few times to learn as a beginner, however it is an art embellishment that is much simpler to make than you’d think. People will be very impressed with your quilled creations, since this is one paper art that shows a lot of talent; it looks like it takes a lot of time and effort. Quilling is the perfect scrapbook page embellishment because it’s not only beautiful, but is made from acid free paper. You can start with basic quilling instructions and once you learn the techniques can make more elaborate designs. Then, you can start to create your own designs to decorate your scrapbooks with ease. The history of quiling goes back hundreds years however it has gained new interest with those who like to create scrapbooks, invitations, and homemade greeting cards. Besides this, the expenses to get started with quilling are proportionally smaller than almost any another craft you could do! Although the art of quilling was around for years, it is not very popular in stores, therefore you can have struggles to find quilling supplies, unless you to know where to look on line. The majority of the quilling work that you see is flowers since it is fun and easy to form fun quilled flowers. Beyond that you will find projects for other interests too; you can make almost any design you can think about! Things want animals, elements of beach, and topics of holidays are large elements which you can learn to created with coiled paper designs. To many people’s surprise, scrapbooking is the perfect place to display your quilled creations. It is great to have patterns to follow since you will get ideas on what will look best with your scrapbook page theme. Also, one of the greatest use for recent quilling has become adding quilled paper patterns to homemade cards or journal book covers. You can form all kinds of projects with coiling paper for many special paper craft projects. Use your imagination and you’ll find your quilled paper talent is a great way to embellish many of your current favorite craft projects with a new, unique design. Thus, quilling is really an expansion of your paper art talent. The possibilities using your quilling designs are really endless. You can have a lot of fun using your rolled paper designs to show them off in a variety of ways. To learn the art of quilling, please visit for a free quilling lesson on video, easy to follow, step-by-step.